Career Services

The American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) Career Services team helps students leverage their new and growing legal expertise. Our dedicated career mentors guide students as they plan to change jobs, advance in their organizations, or weigh new career opportunities.

Career Planning Support

Our Career Services team is committed to providing the support students need to grow as legal experts and successful professionals. Through one-on-one guidance and resource sharing, they help students:

map out a career path and define professional goals

write a compelling resume and cover letter

apply strategy and best practices to their job search

prepare for interviews and salary negotiation

network effectively within and across different industries

Rise in Your Career with an MLS

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AUWCL Career Resources

Virtual Career Center

Students have 24/7 access to a suite of online career planning resources—including job search tools, interview scenarios, resume and cover letter insights, salary negotiation tips, and live recordings of topical webinars on the Virtual Career Center job wall.

One-on-One Coaching

Students work with their dedicated career advisor to develop a customized career action plan; refine their cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile; conduct industry-specific mock interviews; and discuss networking and negotiation strategies.

Development Courses and Resources

Through self-directed professional development courses, lectures, and sample job application materials, students can enhance their personal professional brand and learn how to craft successful job applications.

Virtual Career Workshops

Students are invited to participate in virtual networking events and information sessions where they can receive invaluable coaching and advice from prospective employers, legal experts, and AU alumni.

 A Community of Activists, Professionals, and Leaders

From the moment students enroll in the online MLS program, they get connected to the Washington College of Law and American University alumni networks. Our graduates are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration for current students, as they use their expertise to lead and innovate across industries.

Meet Some of Our MLS Alumni

Kristi Hoffmaster, 2020 Grad

Kristi completed the Technology concentration of the MLS, which has prepared her for her next important career step—a senior security analyst at a leading technology company in the cybersecurity industry.

“I am concluding my MLS program with an additional certification in IT that, combined with my Master of Legal Studies, will greatly assist my aspirations and desires to serve my company and community with leadership and consulting abilities in the areas of compliance, cybersecurity, and technology.”

Shana Edme, 2020 Grad

Shana discovered how building relationships within the AUWCL network can provide a powerful motivating force for professional growth.

“I have made connections to people that have not only given me great advice in pursuing my career in corporate compliance, but I have also built friendships. Having friends who are experiencing career changes or are looking forward to excelling in their career provided me the motivation and confidence to fully dive into my work.”

Prepared for Success: The MLS Career Outlook

The legal knowledge and competencies students gain while earning an MLS can lead to advancement in almost any field. Here are just a few of the careers AUWCL online MLS graduates may pursue:

  • Business executive
  • Congressional staffer
  • Consultant
  • Health care compliance officer
  • Paralegal

Explore more possible career paths for MLS graduates.

Build Career Momentum with Advanced Legal Knowledge

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