Laura Hunt


Ms. Hunt is currently the Electronic Discovery Counsel for the Department of Justice’s Civil Division. In this position, she provides legal advice to Civil Division litigators on topics such as the implementation of litigation holds in high-profile and complex matters, the identification and collection of large volumes of electronically stored information, negotiation with opposing counsel on the gamut of electronic discovery issues and the formulation of document review strategies.

She provides extensive training to Civil Division attorneys and staff as well as several federal agencies on many electronic discovery issues. She also advises federal agencies on best practices for implementing defensible litigation hold policies and other electronic discovery best practices. Prior to this role, Ms. Hunt worked as a paralegal with the Department of Justice Civil Division’s Environmental Torts Office where she served as a support staff electronic discovery advisor.

Beyond her work experience, Ms. Hunt has an impressive amount of scholarship in the field of e-discovery and participates in several e-discovery conferences including the Master’s Conference for Legal Professionals, the Sedona Conference, and Georgetown E-Discovery Training Academy. During law school, Ms. Hunt authored a comment published in the University of Baltimore Law Review entitled, “Trending: Proportionality in Electronic Discovery in Common Law Countries and the United States’ Federal and State Courts.”

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